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4 SEASONS <span>Mountainhotel<sup>***</sup></span>
4 SEASONS Mountainhotel***
Healthy subalpine climate and forest environment
4 SEASONS <span>Mountainhotel<sup>***</sup></span>
4 SEASONS Mountainhotel***
Spacious, high inner height, well separated rooms
4 SEASONS <span>Mountainhotel<sup>***</sup></span>
4 SEASONS Mountainhotel***
There is no crowd
4 SEANSONS <span>Mountainhotel<sup>***</sup></span>
4 SEANSONS Mountainhotel***
Many experience in the heart of the Mátra regardless of the weather
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4 SEASONS Mountainhotel*** in the Mátra

Our current offers with rooms with deer views.

    Not just accommodation

    more than 300 types of active recreation,

    delicious gastronomy, and perfect comfort in a breathtaking forest environment

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    The experience hotel has excellent infrastructure

    The complex in the heart of Mátraháza is easy to reach, there are shops nearby,
    post office and the transport is well organized.

    The experience resort is the best choice

    in the case of meetings of friends or relatives. While smaller families can rent apartments and enjoy wellness services on site, those arriving in larger numbers can rent the apartments per room.

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    Companies and enterprises can rent the entire building independently,

    or separate parts thereof. The building is excellent not only for trainings, team meetings, trainings, workshops, but also for smaller conferences by providing on-demand catering.

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    the Base of High-Tech Sports
    with insanely good, quality programs

    • In all 4 seasonsevery day of the year
    • More than 300experience programs
    • 715 meters highcomplex