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4 Season Hegyihotel in the Matra Mountains,
rooms with deer views

The brand new state-of-the-art high-tech sports resort on the High Tech Sports Base offers a top experience not only because it is 715 meters high in the heart of the Matra Mountains, but also because the events organized here represent the high quality of HSB. Located in the center of Mátraháza in a three-storey building in a magnificent setting, three-star accommodation awaits those seeking relaxation, team reunion, family celebrations, families with small and large children, friends, retirees, everyone for whom quality active rest and relaxation is important .

Constructed from the former Telekom VIP Resort, this 21st century complex, with its innovative approach, very high-tech, yet highly landscape and nature-conscious design, is a guarantee of meaningful and memorable moments, it is likely that HSB will soon be developing a new audience for HSB’s longing for the Mátraházi milieu.

The hotel guests can admire the wildlife of the Mátra forest, the roe deer and the deer in the sunset from the windows of their rooms every day. We can mention that the hotel has lightning-fast Wi-Fi and 130 TV channels, but its biggest success is the deer binoculars that accompany the rooms. Instead of the channels that broadcast nature films, it will be enough to open the window here. The real romance story is live every day at the 4 Seasons Mountain Hotel, without advertising, all night long.



The experience hotel has excellent infrastructure. The complex in the heart of Mátraháza is easy to reach, there are shops, post office, transport is well organized, arrivals can use many other options besides the car.
Great for small and large families on weekends or longer holidays. HSB has a wide range of activities to enjoy every day, even if you are staying for several days.
The staff of the Base can also create their own program packages upon request.
An adventure resort is the best choice when it comes to meeting friends or relatives. While smaller families can rent apartments and enjoy wellness facilities on site, larger families can rent apartments per room.
For those with small children, the adventure resort offers baby-friendly solutions, and for families with children, the playground in the garden itself is a great activity and, combined with a play corner for children of 4 Seasons – Palóc Bistorant, provides relaxing and relaxing comfort throughout your stay.

For larger meetings of friends or relatives, visitors can choose from more than 300 programs and can order catering services. Smaller families can choose from the full menu of the 4-season Palóc Bistorant for lunch if they do not want to move out of the adventure resort for lunch, but the meal can also be arranged in Bistorant, so that housewives who are tired of their daily work otherwise, spend time in a well-equipped and impressive holiday kitchen.



Companies or businesses can rent the entire building or its separate parts independently. The building is excellent not only for organizing trainings, team gatherings, trainings, workshops but also for smaller conferences with catering on demand. My wellness detail ensures that the invited guests, colleagues, partners and business partners of the company can relax and recharge while working. The teams coming here can choose from more than 300 different programs organized by HSB to further enrich the corporate event. The prices are very competitive and the service offered is “very best”.

The interior design of the building allows for a smaller number of VIP guests to accommodate individually in apartments and provide a professional level of professional service, which allows the catering company commissioning HSB to present a prestigious event to its partners or its own management. and can create elite conditions for their family members. In the event that a corporate event is expected to have multiple staff members, business partners, presenters, collaborators, staff members, and support staff, the apartments can be shared per room, sharing, if necessary, part-apartment, part-room-sharing, for example.

The company may wish to provide catering for the event it organizes or arrange a separate accommodation for the staff and their families, in which case the dining room on the ground floor of the resort and a kitchenette on the first floor will meet the needs.

The yard of the building has an exclusive garden with garden furniture, where various outdoor activities are located, and has several separate, spacious, built-in bacon baking areas that are perfect for garden parties, roasting, and barbecue.



Sumptuous views, central location, excellent infrastructure and high-tech interiors that are fully tuned to the natural environment ensure a relaxed, active relaxation and create a feeling of homeliness.
The beautifully designed garden, the spectacular scenery it provides, the direct connection to the forest, the visual appearance not only radiate tranquility but also inspire and create balance through its life-affirming attitude.
The adventure resort has its own private parking. On the ground floor there is a day-long wellness area with a meeting room, a well-equipped kitchen and a dining area.
The adventure resort is complete with HSB services, with over 300 programs to choose from.