Phone: +36 20/354 4444 (from 8:00 to 20:00)

Meals in the 4 SEASONS Mountain Hotel ***

Meals at the hotel


  • in the restaurant opposite the reception
  • between 8 am. and 9 am.

Lunch and dinner:

  • In Mátrafüred in the 4 SEASONS Palóc Bistorant (Parádi út 8.), or
  • from there to the hotel via

Meals ordered from the restaurant can be enjoyed in the dining rooms in the hallways, which are equipped with a kitchen (cutlery, plates, glasses, microwave, etc.).

  • Lunch order placed by 11.30 am. Delivery: until 1 pm.
  • Dinner order submission: until 5 pm. Delivery: until 6.30 pm.

Delivery to the hotel can be arranged with the room bill at check-out, even with a SZÉP card.

They can still validate their 1,000 HUF coupons not used in the restaurant within the usage time intervals specified on the coupons.

Online ordering process on PALOCFUTAR.HU

  1. To order online, click on our website:
  2. Choose the food and put it in your cart!
  3. Delivery at the checkout: 3232 Mátraháza, Pagoda út 4.
  4. Note: I want to sort by my room bill.
  5. Select the credit card for the payment method!
  6. Meals ordered on time (see above) will be delivered to the hotel reception until 1 pm for lunch and 6 pm for dinner.

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