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Other services


Providing buses for 9-54 people with a local contractor, at reasonable prices, tailored to individual needs.

Accident insurance

As part of our full service, they can take out insurance for all team members for the duration of the program.

Photo-video documentation

Professional photo and video documentation to make your and your team’s high-tech experience truly lasting. Choose from our special event documentation services and relive the unforgettable experience program at home, even in a few days.

Further information

Experience gift in decorative packaging

The members of the winning team (or even all participants) can receive a seasonal adventure tour on a plastic card in a decorative package, half of the total cost of which is borne by HSB! The cards can be used on any of our bases for 1 year from the date of issue! FOR EXAMPLE, a 9,999 HUF Segway off-road tour for 4,999 HUF , or a Mountaincart or Airboard tour worth 7,999 HUF for 3,999 HUF.